9 Tips to Prep Your Home for a Quick Sale and for More Money

  1. Curb Appeal – The first thing the potential buyer is going is see is the outside. Mow the lawn, pull the weed, trim the hedges, and plant some fresh flowers.

  2. A welcome mat by the front door makes it inviting and welcoming for the buyer.

  3. Declutter and depersonalize: Less is more. When people walk into a house, they want to imagine it’s their home, so put away your personal belongings, photos, knickknacks, etc. Keep the place tidy and organized. Less clutter translates to more space and ultimately more money. Put them in bins and out of sight. Do not leave out dirty dishes and laundry.

  4. Remove dark curtains that block out natural light. Keep it light and airy. Paint the rooms with light colors make the space looks brighter, bigger, and inviting. Keep the color neutral. A light grey room with white baseboards makes a good contrast.

  5. Should I repair it before selling it? It depends on the seller’s situation, time, and budget. If there’s a stained-ceiling drywall caused by the previous bath or roof leak, replace and paint the drywall. One does not want the buyer to think of the worst and low ball on the offer. Do it yourself or hire a drywall guy to fix it for about $400. Other low-cost high return items are paint job and carpet replacement. Depending on the condition of the carpet, it can be cleaned by a professional for about $200 for three rooms. They clean rugs, too. Don’t do major repairs, save the money for your new home or investment. Contact me if you need a professional painter.

  6. Make it shine. Make sure the place is sparkling cleaned from top to bottom. Don’t forget to wipe the dust off the ceiling fan blades and bathroom vents. Remove the gunk and mold from the shower doors and between the tiles. My cleaning lady can clean most of the home for about $200 depending on the size of the home.

  7. Organize the closets. People love their closets, and they will inspect them. Clean out the closets and keep it tidy. Store or donate clothes you have no use for. Again, less is more.

  8. Does your home pass the smell test? Your home should be odor-free. Put out some fresh flowers. I recommend tuberose. It has a sweet fragrance throughout the home. No need to bake cookies.

  9. Home staging Design to sell faster and for more. A model home is always staged with furniture and decoration, why not yours? The furniture not only defines the space but it also helps buyers visualize their own potential space as well. Decoration makes online photos pop. According to the National Association of Realtors, buyers tend to visit the staged home once they see the photos online. Staged homes also get up to 5% more than non-staged homes. As a result, staged homes have tremendous value. Ask me about getting your homes staged.